Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

The City of Millbrae regularly receives complaints regarding vehicular speeding and unsafe traffic conditions throughout residential neighborhoods. In order to address these safety concerns in the best possible manner, the City has decided to develop a comprehensive Traffic Calming Toolbox that will effectively utilize the most appropriate traffic calming solutions for residential neighborhoods.

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The first community workshop was held on July 18, 2019. City staff and the City's traffic engineering consultant gathered feedback from residents on their assessment of local traffic problems, areas with high amounts of speeding, and areas they felt were dangerous to pedestrians. Attendees were also presented with a variety of enforcement and education strategies that have worked in other areas.


Potential traffic calming solutions presented to workshop attendees included relatively low-cost options such as lane narrowing, pavement markings, and increased signage. Moderate and high-cost options ranged from striped bulb-outs and electronic signage to traffic circles and raised intersections.


The presentation from the first community workshop on July 18, 2019, can be found here. 


On Thursday, October 10, 2019, the City of Millbrae hosted its second community workshop. During this meeting, City staff and the City's traffic engineering consultant reviewed outcomes from the last meeting, reviewed potential traffic calming solutions, and gather further feedback from the community. 

The presentation from the second community workshop on October 10, 2019, can be found here. 

This effort will help Millbrae’s Public Works Department and the Millbrae Police Bureau better understand the needs and desires of residents and develop the strategic initiatives to make the City’s streets safer.

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For more information please contact project manager Andrew Yang at the City of Millbrae.

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