NTCP Report

The City of Millbrae's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) is now available for public viewing. Please click on the button below to view the report. If you have more comments regarding the report or traffic and safety-related concerns, please visit the Feedback page.

Traffic Calming Toolbox

The City of Millbrae Neighborhood Traffic Calming Toolbox contains traffic calming options, their pros and cons, application, and review processes, making it convenient for Millbrae’s residents and City staff to identify the right measures and implement traffic calming on neighborhood streets. Click on the button below to view the Traffic Calming Toolbox.

Centerline, Edgeline, Parking Lane Striping

Targeted Speed Enforcement

Speed Legends


High Visibility Crosswalks

Botts' Dotts/Raised Reflectors

Lawn Signs

Increased Patrol and Warnings/Citations

Decorative Surfacing

Pop-Up Traffic Calming Demo


Angeled Parking

Speed Feedback Signs

Flashing Beacons

Road Diet (Bike Lane, Median)

Rubber Speed Bumps

Striped Bulbouts with Bollards

Temporary Traffic Circles

Striped Chicanes with Bollards


Street Smarts Program

Pace Car Program

Full/Detached Bulbouts

Two-Lane Chokers

Median Island/ Pedestrian Refuge


City of Millbrae

Department of Public Works

400 East Millbrae Avenue

Millbrae, CA 94030


For more information please contact project manager Andrew Yang at the City of Millbrae.

Mr. Andrew Yang, PE QSD

Senior Civil Engineer


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