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Who this is for:

  • If you are brand new to Trading, this will jump start your ability to start making money immediately.

  • Trade Alerts from Chris Cole will offer you a blueprint as to how to increase your purchasing power and build an effective asset portfolio.

  • Educational materials focused on effective and immediately applicable trading strategies, will put you in a position for sustainable trading success over time.

What you’ll want to do to be successful:

  • Carve out one hour a day to focus on enhancing your trading skills.

  • Apply yourself to studying the entire catalog of videos on the particulars of Nadex trading.

  • Become a student of the game! Meticulously track the Trade Alerts you execute, so that you can measure your success over time.

  • Become part of Chris Cole’s ‘Market Keys’ Private Trading Club community, and take advantage of interacting with your fellow Traders.

  • Reserve a modest amount of capital to fund your trading account.

City of Millbrae

Department of Public Works

400 East Millbrae Avenue

Millbrae, CA 94030

For more information please contact project manager Andrew Yang at the City of Millbrae.

Mr. Andrew Yang, PE QSD

Senior Civil Engineer

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