In an effort to address vehicular and pedestrian safety concerns in the best possible manner, within the staffing and fiscal resources available, the City has decided to develop a comprehensive Traffic Calming Toolbox that will effectively utilize the most appropriate traffic calming strategies for our residential neighborhoods.

To take a survey, click here, and leave a comment regarding traffic and safety in your neighborhood.

Study Area

Brief introduction of the study area's borders and overall conditions.

There are several neighborhoods throughout the City of Millbrae that have receive higher than usual complaints regarding vehicle speeding and unsafe traffic conditions. Click below for a detailed map of the study area "hotspots".

What is Traffic Calming?

A glance of some Traffic Calming Measures commonly implemented in urban areas in the State of California.

Traffic calming is a process to reduce vehicular speeds and manage cut-through traffic. It is comprised of strategies and engineering solutions to improve safety for all mode users; mitigate impact on residential neighborhoods and school zones; and enhance quality of life for the residents.

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For more information please contact project manager Andrew Yang at the City of Millbrae.

Mr. Andrew Yang, PE QSD

Senior Civil Engineer

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